Why Having a Cloud Management Platform is Essential to Your Enterprise IT Strategy

When the history of technology unfolds its chapters, the technology that captivates anyone is — Cloud Computing. With an agility to scale up the IT enterprises to new heights, cloud computing is…


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Would You Find The Idea of Raising Free Future Adults Tempting?


You will be amazed by the correlation to the business world!

Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash

If the answer is yes, then you might need to start paying attention to the story you’re telling your kids.

Instead of discriminating against their intrinsic worth and pushing them to compete with others, breaking their hearts to accomplish what would make them deserve your love, be a responsible parent by keeping them connected to their original great being.

That being who was granted by the pure love divinity / Architects some wonderful common gifts:

You need to elevate them instead of criticizing them. Guide them in discovering their inner talents from a very early age and celebrate them, instead of limiting them with a social lens of “success”.

By reminding them daily how much they are worthy of love and belonging, that their worth is intrinsic, and only depends on who they are as a person — not on what they’d be accomplishing in life.

By assuring them they will never have to prove their worth to anybody. Still, they can aspire to grow and better the talents they’d use to serve the world.

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