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A child cries naked and cold, pushed from warmth into this world.
Red-stained skin so fragile and pale matches the tongue that begins to wail.
A sound that brought annoyance and strife now brings peace and confirmation of life.
A love is felt like never before. How could anyone ask for more?
Somehow, it’s not enough.

Three times I felt such joy, once for my girl and twice for my boys.
That love never left or faded away, not even once on the worst of days.
There’s nothing like the sound of my name on little lips from which it came.
Their smiles and love are all I need, so someone explain how can it be
that it somehow, still isn’t enough?

I’ve never hurt or felt as bad, was as depressed or mortally sad, as the times I spent away from them in foreign countries on distant lands.
The thoughts of them helped get me through and brought me home to them and you.
I beg you please, help me understand how all this joy you hold in your hands
somehow, can’t be enough?

When I left my job because you asked me to, something I loved for something new,
was that simply not enough?

When you asked to stop working and spend time at home so I covered the bills all on my own,
was that still not enough?

When I built you a house, made you a home, and gave you a family so you’d never be alone,
was all that just not enough?

I broke the vows I made, it’s true, by choosing to leave and not stay with you.
The life I gave you was never enough, and you made the choice to sacrifice us.
I begged for years for things to change, but empty promises are all that came.
I never abandoned, I helped you through, though now the same can’t be said of you.
I guess all I did was never enough,
for you.

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