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Abba does not intervene but he responds

The Bible does not have it wrong exactly

It was written by frail folk like you and me

It was their best take on experience

As things evolved they got things right and wrong


For an example let’s take Cain and Abel

God did not intervene to create jealousy

The writer saw God as the author of all things

But from the start what made us was our sacred freedom


Abba does not intervene but he responds

Abba’s is a name for the Word

that serves all Reality

There are other names

and no name

none is needed

The Bible’s God did not intervene either

did not build prisons

or throw stones

or fit battles

or love nations


The will of Abba is nonviolence and peace

These are triadic values

To many these are habitual


To most

they take triadic thinking


Abba is the Word of Reality

Call out his name and he responds

as friend, companion, partner, guide

The message never varies

seek the good

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