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Parliamentary socialism, including its British variant, has limitations (see Ralph Miliband and pre-Catholic Alasdair MacIntyre for details), but one of these that’s not so commented on is how easily…


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RAPIDO is a ETHEREUM Smart Contract Crypto earnings program that you work from home at your own leisure. There is no time limit or targets or pressure with this program. You may have heard or read about it recently.

It is based on the particular features of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and it enables you to earn a long term residual income just by reffering this to 3 other people and asking them to do the same as you.

If you don’t want to refer and still want to make money there is a way at RAPIDO

But if you refer you will make rapid money with rapido

How does the RAPIDO Matrix Program work?

RAPIDO matrix marketing can be thought of as similar to Network marketing, with a limited number of places and an unlimited number of reinvests.

In the matrix, the referral link is fixed to the person who invited you. You always follow your refferer, to each of the slots that he or she has activated.

There are THREE sub programs within RAPIDO :




RAPIDO x3 has three places below you in one row.

RAPIDO x4 has two rows below you, with 2 places in the first row and 4 places in the second row.

RAPIDO X8 has THREE rows below you,with 2 places in the first row,4 places in the second row and 8 places in the third row.

When you join / register with RAPIDO, you open up THREE of these programs simultaneously.


There are no expiration dates for any places / slots to be occupied.

There are unlimited automatic reinvests available.

You can refer and register as many as you want directly under you

So it’s RAPIDO 3× faster and better than any other Smart contract out there.

We really need to think differently with this new type of program. In fact many of us online marketers often refer to earnings opportunities as programs, but this really is one — a Cryptocurrency / Ethereum program that can’t be changed as it is all based on a smart contract…..

The Smart Contract is an established blockchain technology that refers to a type of automated digital contract that is almost unbreakable and unchangeable. One of the consequences of this is that, if for any reason RAPIDO closed its doors or its website, this program would still automatically function.

This means that no human being can ever interfere or prevent the intended functioning of the prescribed process, either by bad intention or incompetence.

For those of us that have been in MLM / Network marketing for years and seen all the associated failures, scams and shutdowns, then an unbreakable opportunity like this is surely a breath of fresh air, to say the least. This is huge and that is by no means an exaggeration.


One time payment of just 0.03 ETH + little gas),which is less than $7.00 Depends On The Rate Of Ethereum)

Over time you can earn a great deal with this program. The more people you refer however, the more you will earn.


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