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A study done by Journal of Family Medicine in 2018 found that 38% of all simply forgot or did not know of their appointment. Another 16% didn't show due to personal or work-related issues. Had you…


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Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a great humanitarian. He founded the Edhi Foundation which runs the world largest volunteer Ambulance Network along with homeless shelter, animals shelter and orphanages all across Pakistan. He is a nation legend and he told us the actual meaning of life and forced us to think about others and not just for yourself. Edhi sb is well known for his services to poor and needy people all across Pakistan and even all across the World.

Here is an example from EDHI Shb’s Autobiography and usage of AMAL’s Principles of Progress name “Amal” which means to Start. EDHI sb embraces and use the principle of Amal when he was going to play football match with his friend, passing a main bazaar he saw a man lying on the platform outside a shuttered shop. He noticed that he was not a professional beggar. He was wounded and shivered with high fever. Abdul Sattar Edhi told his companions to go ahead and i will join you later. EDHI sb returned home to his mother and his mother gave him a blanket, a mattress and somethin to eat for that man who is lying on the platform. EDHI sb came to him, cleaned and bandaged man’s deep wounds wondered how he got injured but did not probe.

This is the kind determination and enthusiasm for humanity. But nowadays people have lack of kind determination for humanity. And nowadays there is also no awareness regarding generosity, helping others, charity and many more.

Quote: Abdul Sattar Edhi

I remember one of the famous quote by him that “People have become educated but have not become Human”. A bitter truth.

I also relate to this story that one day in evening i was returning home back when i see a person with a woman come in high speed in one way on one of the busiest fast road of Lahore. They are in hurry so they collided with a car which was also coming in a very high speed and got badly injured. So i rushed to them and bring them under a tree. I call an ambulance for their further necessary medical treatment. So everyone has or want to helps other but they do not pretend to do it. I think everyone has to learn some things from this legend and helps the people and spread humanitarianism. Because “No Religion is Higher than Humanity”, Abdul Sattar Edhi.

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