Things To Download on a New Windows PC

This is a document that describes utility tools and the settings that I use for game development in Windows. Feel free to change or skip the parts however you like. Select Start > Settings. Select…


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Why Having a Cloud Management Platform is Essential to Your Enterprise IT Strategy

When the history of technology unfolds its chapters, the technology that captivates anyone is — Cloud Computing. With an agility to scale up the IT enterprises to new heights, cloud computing is witnessing many IT companies embracing it. However, Cloud computing comes bundled with a set of challenges such as — no control over expenditure, handling information overload, which can make an enterprise’s ROI go for a toss. While cloud computing is essential to bolster the business, it is equally important to adopt to a proper Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

What exactly is CMP?

According to Gartner, Cloud Management is optimizing the workload through self-service user interface, system images, metering and workload through established policies.

Cloud Management Platform is key to your enterprise IT strategy. Several surveys were conducted to know the opinion of C level executives. In fact, a recent survey by Scalr on Cloud Management Platform has revealed interesting results. A recent survey revealed that CMP is likely to witness a growth of 34.3 % by 2022 to touch $241. 13 billion whopping figures.

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