Abba does not intervene but he responds

The Bible does not have it wrong exactly. “Abba does not intervene but he responds” is published by Stephen C. Rose in Everything Comes.


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Why is Instagram so successful?

Instagram is more than just your ordinary social media platform.

When Instagram was first launched in 2010 it amassed over one million users in just two months. After just one year, it had 10 million active users. As of 2017, the app has over 800 million monthly active users worldwide.

As Instagram has grown in popularity in the last 8 years ‘Instagrammers’ have managed to create a career out of posting images. Instagrammers generally fit into the categories of fashion, beauty, fitness, food and body positivity. It’s reported that some of the biggest accounts can earn thousands just from posting one post.

Millennials are more becoming more savvy in terms of advertisement and don’t trust celebrity endorsements and traditional advertising methods. They’re more likely to buy into a product from someone who talks on their level and seems more ‘real’, than a celebrity on the television. With 53% of Instagram users aged between 18–29 and a further 25% aged 30–49, millennials are the biggest generation using the platform.

Why is advertising so successful on Instagram?

It’s reported that Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter. Its users are also two and half times more likely to click on ads than any other social media platforms.

Sadly, Instagram isn’t perfect. Some Instagram users, especially celebrities are guilty of heavy advertising. Love Island’s Jess and Dom caused controversy in 2017 with their constant, not so subtle advertising of teeth whitening and tummy tea products claiming each one ‘they couldn’t live without’.

Growing users on Instagram has become a competitive market, it’s not just making sure your images are pretty and sit nicely together in a theme. Users have to be consistent and engage regularly to grow their following. Some smaller Instagram accounts have caused controversy with their methods of attracting followers. Some accounts will buy followers, whilst others use bots to follow a number of accounts, let them follow them back and then unfollow them.

Instagram has also caused controversy with its pressures on body image. Whilst it’s been done for years in traditional media outlets, people often heavily edit their photos or stand in certain positions to make themselves look slimmer. Many have argued that this encourages negative body outlook.

People looking to get into any type of social media/marketing/creative jobs can use Instagram as a tool for selling themselves. It’s no secret that employers look at potential employees social media accounts. Having a professional looking Instagram, with decent photos, is just one more way to sell yourself to a future employer.

Whilst Instagram has its faults, I think its a little gem of an app. I probably spend far too long on the app, but I would say it’s actually improved my own photography skills. It’s also great for finding your next holiday location, or finding out what’s going on in your local town. I think for now Instagram is here to stay.

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