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School has become this place of boredom and stress where students have to spend more than 13 years of their lives. The only reason we are capable of surviving is because of our classmates and…


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In todayʼs blockchain ecosystem, innovation is fettered with uncertainties and bounded by limitations. Consider for a moment a decentralized platform where you are free to innovate, free to create, and free to interact. This takes shape in Aether City.

This is a platform for personal spaces, communities, shopping, and business where anybody can own a property. Aether is a network of these properties that are connected through a visualized environment to allow for discoverability. The platform is defined in a smart contract powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Aether property tokens are ERC721 tokens that define ownership in the Aether universe. These tokens are virtual properties with an open source addresses. The register of properties and accounting functions are written to the blockchain, ensuring ownership security. Property may be transferred or auctioned to other users through the contract.

A unit is the smallest unit of property ownership in Aether. It is a property that is defined by its coordinates occupying an area of 10 m³. A unit is a part of a building and is adjacent to neighboring units. The owner of a unit determines its appearance, fills it with content, and has the ability to connect the unit to its own domain.

A building is a property that is defined by its coordinates and size. The first unit level is managed by the building owner. A building’s space is also occupied by a number of units. A building’s height expands with the progression factor in Aether. The maximum number of units that a building can home is defined by the building’s space and height and therefore grows as the world progresses to equilibrium. A building can have an exclusive owner, who creates the basic design of the building and has the ability to connect the building to its own domain.

A district is a property that is defined by its coordinates and size. A district holds any number of buildings. It may have an exclusive own owner, who manages the district and has the ability to connect the district to its own domain. Districts are top level regions that will not be released to the public at time of launch. They are meant for the division of the city and will be available to community leaders in the future.

We are building a world that will be home the blockchain community of the future. Aether lives and thrives off the community behind it. Here are some possible applications of our platform.

Dedicate properties to communities formed and united by common interest. A community could organize itself and claim a certain number of units. Large communities could claim entire buildings. For example, imagine a Reddit community which occupies the entire building, named after the community.

Allow any user to create a make their property their residence. Once occupied, you could post the link with its unique address to existing social networks. For the first time, your friends will have a chance to visit your virtual address on the blockchain. Entire buildings could be bought by anybody with the aim to resell or rent the units to the public. They shape the units how they wish and then offer unit for auction on the platform.

Launch a showroom that would promote their merchandise and drive traffic to their stores. For example, electronics or virtual collectables store could choose to create a virtual showroom that would attract significant traffic from Aether visitors.

Build an office and allow it to be visited by potential customers. Having an opportunity to visit its virtual address first would help users buy into a service. Imagine a company which has recently managed a successful token sale and sets Aether as home to its own virtual office.

Aether’s buildings are pre-determined by a procedural algorithm and are then seeded into the world contract. Buildings fill up the universe as more people join. Since the city is centered at an origin point at (0,0) we incentivize early investors by letting them shape the heart of the city. Building locations are immutable and building heights increase alongside the natural progression of the world. For example, a building may only be at half of its final height if the world has only reach half of its total capacity.

Aether’s aesthetic, layout, and shape.

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