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Electric Vehicles and ETK

Electric vehicles are really picking up speed from the world’s first commercially mass produced hybrid vehicle in 1997, the Toyota Prius. There were many flaws in hybrids and full electric vehicles but as time has progressed, the technologies in these vehicles has advanced rapidly.

The industry is working continuously to improve electric vehicles and this progression can be seen from the production of so many electric vehicles such as Tesla and BMW to the super and hypercar breeds such as the Ferrari LaFerrari, Mclaren P1, Porsche 918 and the new Mercedes Project 1.

The prices of electric vehicles are dropping as they develop and we now see the prices being similar to petrol and diesel vehicles of a similar specification. You can now purchase an electric vehicle such as the Renault Zoe for as little as £13,995 (including govt grant deduction).

Demand is increasing and prices seem to be decreasing in general. Some market analysers claim that owning an electric vehicle will draw level with that of a traditional combustion engine vehicle as early as next year in Europe. ING Bank even predict that all new cars sold in Europe will be electric within two decades.

The UK Government has proposed a ban on sale of all diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040, this is due to the air pollution we suffer leading to an estimated 40,000 premature deaths a year! Electric vehicles are going to have change dramatically over the next decade or two in order to make this change easy and efficient.

Charging points for these vehicles have a long way to go until they’re fully sustainable for the vehicles. Who is really going to use a Golf GTE for a 200 mile drive only to realise that it needs to be charged for 8 hours just over half way through the journey!

Due to the increase in the demand for electric vehicles there are around 4500 charging stations which hold 7500 charging points in total. There have been 700 locations added since last year, at this continued growth charging stations will soon outnumber the 8500 petrol stations within the UK.

This increase in stations is also being met with innovation in the space, whereby new technology is being developed to try and create energy from the vehicle itself to allow for longer journeys.

It is easy to look at the electric vehicle market and forget one major vehicle, the HGV truck. Electric trucks are driving around on the roads right now and although development on this hasn’t been as mainstream as electric cars, they are making huge advancements.

The UK’s first electric truck manufacturing facility is set to open in Oxfordshire. Charge Automotive signed a 15 year lease on a former warehouse in Banbury Cross to make this possible, so you can expect to see more electric trucks over the coming years.

Energi Token are currently in talks with an electric truck manufacturing company with the aim of enabling them to use ETK to pay for their electric consumption. We are also in talks with EV charging station suppliers to accept payments to be taken in ETK to allow ease of payment in the UK and throughout Europe.

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